Party Pictures!

Hello tootsies.  Guess what I did yesterday?  Watched our dining room chairs get a coat of primer and become the hot muthers I knew they could be.  I will talk more about this later, but my parents own an antique store, and they have a spray booth in the back where they repaint and repair awesome old furniture.  I know, you totally hate me, right?  You should.  I’m a lucky a$$hole.  Anyway, they are painting our chairs and I want to DIE.  So cool.  I’m going to recover the seats too, in something awesome, but of course they are super complicated cushions.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anyway … I will for sure show you the end product next week when I collect them, but in the meantime ….

Wanna see pictures from the Fall 2012 Presentation??  Check this out:

veronica sheaffer fall 2012 collection party

That’s me!  In front of a dang window that has my name all giant-like.  I was/am pretty thrilled with the way it turned out – with feathers scattered around in the back.  It was pretty rad, I’d say.  And that’s the dress I made for the party.  And my makeup was done by fancy Chicago makeup artist Allison Attwood.

veronica sheaffer fall 2012 collection floating dressforms

And here’s the actual presentation – doo doo doo.  Looking pretty fancy, right?  My interns and I made special dress forms which followed the neckline of each gown, taking inspiration from the Rodarte exhibit, and I could not have been happier with the effect.  Here’s a closer look:

veronica sheaffer fall 2012 presentation

I loved ‘em.  And I really loved all of this:

veronica sheaffer bottle and branch ian brannigan

Incredible food by local chef Ian Brannigan and his amazing assistant Kim Turley, gorgeous florals by Heather Shouse of Bottle and Branch and lots of truly awesome people.  AND all of this was captured by Monika Pawlak – a totally sweet and lovely lady who also photographs weddings. !!  There are lots more where these came from – be sure to check out the full gallery here.

P.S. I have the coolest friends.

[Images by Monika Pawlak]

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8 Responses to Party Pictures!

  1. Gorgeous! Sincere Congratulations!

  2. Ahh! How exciting! Congratulations! What a beautiful, exciting event.

  3. vsheaffer

    Ohmigosh thank you so much, you guys! Love you! xo

  4. Reblogged this on Gina Louisa Designs and commented:
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  5. OMG! The short dress with all of the ruffle detailing on the boddice (?—I don’t know fancy designer talk) is uh-mazing. I’m talking “holy S, batman!” good. Bravo!

  6. Alaina

    Holy cow!! I have been looking foreward to seeing this collection since the last one came out and … this collection is SO FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I can’t get enough of those feathers and I love how you used the idea from the Rodarte exhibit!! (That must have taken you forever!) And I also am a huge fan of the dark turquoise backdrop that you have in your pictures. And your models hair. And basically everything about this collection! You are such an inspiration! Thank you for making pretty dresses :) Also, thanks for the new website! I can now be the weirdo that shows pictures of wedding dresses and veils to my friends at school on my phone…

  7. eva0817

    Just AWESOME!

  8. vsheaffer

    Why can’t I give real kisses and hugs through WordPress? I love you all SO MUCH – why are you so sweet to me?? You must be the nicest people in the whole wide world. THANK YOU! xoxo

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