New Website Time

Number 1: Erin’s wedding is on Friday.  !!!!  And it’s in San Diego.  I cannot WAIT.  I can’t wait for the wedding; I can’t wait to see Erin in her dress; I can’t wait for California weather; I can’t wait to go on a vacation; I can’t wait to see my girlfriends; I can’t wait to get out of town.  And I won’t have to wait too long, because we leave on Thursday.

Number 2: Now that the collection is out, I have been able to play around with the apartment again.  I’ve got a giant list of things I’d like to do to the place in the next couple of weeks, and I’ve accomplished two of them so far.  And they make me very happy, those two things.  I’ll show you later.

Number 3: I sat on my ass all weekend long and worked on this …

veronica sheaffer website

‘Tis my new website and it is LIVE.  It’s in HTML5 for those of you too fancy for Flash, so now all of you on iPads will have something to do for the rest of the day (play on my website, obviously).  There are still some kinks that need working out, but whatever, I wanna show you anyway.  You’re always so nice to me, and I feel pretty safe having just manipulated you by saying you are only very nice to me always.  xoxo


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5 Responses to New Website Time

  1. great choice, html5 :) ’tis the future, so they say :) ))) have your deserved rest, sweetie! I’ll go and explore now

  2. E

    Hey Veronica,
    Looks fantastic :)
    I always enjoy coming to your blog and your dresses are beautiful.

    Now, some housekeeping that I hope might help.
    Your custom and collections buttons don’t work on the site, and when you scroll up and down the images “cut off”. But that is only for chrome users. In firefox and IE it seems to be working fine.
    Also, having used the hosting you are using before, it might be worth upgrading so that the loading is a bit smoother- been there :)

    I am a couture sewing lover and fairly decent techie, and I hope I haven’t offended :)
    I just discovered your blog and have to confess to spending a couple of hours reading backposts!

    • vsheaffer

      Oh wow – thank you so much for the feedback! Yeah I’m stumped about the buttons, because they work on all of the computers we have here – in Chrome as well. I’ll have to email the host and ask them what’s up. As for a hosting upgrade – I’ve got the highest upgrade they offer here – do you recommend another hosting service altogether?

      Thanks for the help and your sweet comments – I really appreciate it! xo

      • E

        No Probs… I’ve only ever used the abovementioned service because I found it to be the most user friendly… I’ll ask a few other people I know who host with different ones and see what they recommend :)
        No worries, your stuff is beautiful and I love that you have a blog that matches the service.
        I wanted one of your dresses for my wedding but it was a bit beyond the budget… so I was a store bought bride I am afraid!
        DH said ” do you want a honeymoon or not!!!” :)
        I’ll shoot you an email about what might work if I get a better answer on the hosting :)

  3. vsheaffer

    Oh wow, you are so nice to me! And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a store-bought bride – I’m sure the honeymoon was worth the sacrifice. ;)

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