Featured in Chicago Magazine!

*I wrote this whole thing and then forgot to publish it this morning!  Argh.*

I decided to feature my own featuring this morning, ’cause I’m running out of time, have to leave for an appointment soon, and I’m still in my jammies.  OF COURSE.  I’m also trying to get the swelling in my feet down enough so that I can get normal shoes on them.  I’m having feet issues.  As in, they are tingly and swollen all of the time.  Go google that for some bleak medical results.  It’s basically a bunch of articles about how you must go to the doctor immediately.  Every time (and I mean every time) I go to the doctor with random stuff like this, they take a ton of blood, every thing comes back normal, and they just shrug their shoulders.  I’m too busy for that nonsense.  Oh and my blood sugar levels are always awesome, so I don’t think it’s diabetes.  But try telling that to the internet. *rolls eyes*

Somehow I have veered off track.  Let’s get down to business . . .

4 12 Chicago Magazine veronica sheaffer press

LOOK!  I’m in the April issue of Chicago Magazine!  I’m super excited about it too – I mean, this is just the Most, am I right?  So cool.  And that makes two Chicago features within a week!  Maybe I’ll finally get more Chicago readers than Australian readers.  Yes, that is for real – I am more popular in Australia than I am in Chicago.  Not that I’m complaining (it’s actually a lot cooler, right?  Australian people are very cool.  Love you guys! xo), but it is a bit strange.  I’m like the David Hasselhoff of bridal designers/bloggers.  You know, because he’s big in Germany.  Whatever, dudes, my feet are swollen and I want to wear my fancy gold shoes today – I’ll crack all the lame jokes I want.  Anyway, be sure to pick up a copy of the latest Chicago Magazine or check it out online here (I’m on page 56). *high five*

Oh and I will eventually go to the doctor – I’m just going to get a bit of whining in beforehand.


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2 Responses to Featured in Chicago Magazine!

  1. “I’m just going to get a bit of whining in beforehand.” LOVE IT! LOL!

  2. Congratulations Veronica!!! That is SO DARN COOL! :) I envy your amazing sewing skills!! You and Louise are just fabulously talented in that regard!

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