Fall 2012 Presentation – April 7th!

Want to be one of the first to see the new collection?  Want to rub elbows with . . . me?  (Just ask me for a hug though – if you start actually rubbing my elbows, we will have problems.)  Want to eat delicious hors d’oeuvres by the incredible chef Ian Brannigan?  Want to drink yourself into a stupor? (Don’t be touchin’ my gowns if you do.)  Then this will be the stuff dreams are made of!

This is going to be so fun, you guys.  And I think it’s gonna look pretty rad too.  AND IT’S FREE.  But space is super limited, so please RSVP right away to reserve your spot – if you’re not on the list, we can’t let you in.  Even if you’re crying at me through the window, I can’t let you in unless your cute little name is on the list.*

Please RSVP Now!

P.S. I’m super excited to show you this collection.  It’s way more Bohemian than what I’ve done in the past, but still totally my style.  We’re all losing our dang minds over here, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Saturday, April 7th
7pm – 10pm
2557 W. North Avenue, Chicago

*That reminds me of when I lived in NYC and some jerk was doing the clipboard act in front of some stupid bar and asked if I was on the list.  I rolled my eyes and said “Veronica Sheaffer – oh I’m definitely on your list” and just barged right in.  For real.  I was an a$$hole.  And then totally unplanned, my friend was stopped by him 30 minutes later and she said “I’m with Veronica Sheaffer” and also walked right in.  Hahaha.  Obviously I’m nobody, but the name works. You should try it.  Not at this party though – you actually do need to be on the list.

**That story makes me sound like such a jerk.  It really was funny at the time, I promise.

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