Featured in the Chicago Tribune!

Ugggggh, you guys, I’m the worst!  I’m really sorry.  And I’m not.  I know I’ve been a bad blogger, but you know I’m trying to get this collection ready – I’m just trying to keep it together, yo.  Just remember I love you forever and always.  And now . . . look at this!

chicago tribune bridal trends

Our wedding was in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday!  I was interviewed about bridal trends, and if you’re curious what I had to say about them, go check out the article here.  And I have to admit, I was pretty excited to see pictures from our wedding in the Sunday paper.  And I’d be lying if I didn’t say I enjoy looking like a badass in that top one.  Especially because I never look like a badass.  If you’re only going to look like a badass in one picture ever, it’s absolutely the BEST to have it be in your wedding gown in the dang Sunday paper.  Obviously.

Speaking of which . . . I keep hearing that my burn looks like a tattoo, which maybe also pleases me, if you’d like to know the truth.  I might be the only person in my entire extended  network of friends who does NOT have a tattoo, and now I sort of have one, but I got it from mutha flipping scalding hot water.  Which makes me even more badass.

So to sum up this post, surprisingly: Veronica = Badass.


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3 Responses to Featured in the Chicago Tribune!

  1. Debi

    ooohhh! how exciting! congrats! btw. I don’t have a tatoo either :)

  2. I’m a terrible blogger too! Just keep doing fabulous things, like ya do. Congrats on the fantastic mention!!! :)

  3. Sylvia

    awesome! congrats. Total badass. :)

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