Business Time

Guess what I learned yesterday?  That I can take a two-hour cocktail break in the middle of the afternoon and then come back home and work until 11pm.  And it was good work too!  I feel like a warrior princess.  All of my dresses for the Fall ’12 collection actually look like something now – half of them have zippers and the others are getting them today – and then it’s linings and hems and we’re done!  Of course I haven’t even started on the accessories and I have a bajillion custom gowns that are also due in the next few weeks, so I’m not ahead of schedule or anything.  But I am ON schedule for once, which feels incredible.  I’M ON SCHEDULE!  And I’m NOT having panic attacks!  Everything is so awesome right now.  And look at how cute the gowns are on the rack – getting ready for their zippers . . .

gowns in production

I’m very excited about them.  And don’t forget – the presentation will be April 7th in Chicago and it’ll be free to the public.  I’ll make the official announcement with more info next week, but please mark your calendars now, ’cause I wanna see your cute little faces and give you hugs and stuff.

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  1. high-five for 2-hour cocktail breaks in the middle of work days!
    can’t wait for your april 7 event. xo

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