Whatever, it’s the Weekend

This is perhaps the latest I have ever posted on the blog, but I was just sitting here thinking, after a long-ass day of work, that I missed talking to you today.  And that I wanted to show you these:

Sam Edelman Adena flat rose gold

My brand new Sam Edelman shoes (the Adena loafer, in case you’re interested) that I have been obsessing over for months.  And now I have them and I want to dance and kick and stretch.  They are so sparkly and spiky.  Color me pleased.  Also, I got my fancy rock poster printed up and it looks AMAZING.  Unfortunately as I was loosening the used gold frame I bought, the glass cracked for no damn reason.  So now I still need to get a frame.  Color me annoyed.

On an unrelated note . . . the collection we’re currently working on is breaking my heart / changing my life / I don’t even know what.  I can’t wait to show you this stuff.  It’s . . . very different from what I’ve done in the past, but still so completely my thing.  I wish I could show you RIGHT NOW.  Oh and p.s. we’re working on an event where all of this stuff will be on display!  April 7th in Chicago.  Mark your calendars, book your flights – it’s gonna be GOOD.

Enjoy your weekends! xoxo



3 Responses to Whatever, it’s the Weekend

  1. i so want those!!!!! in gray. they look so good!!

  2. Katja

    Damn, Veronica, my first trip to America (Canada und two trips to the U.S.) is coming up and we’re even going to be in Chicago in April. But we’re leaving on the 4th, I can’t believe it. What a coincidence and a pity at the same time!
    P.S.: Love your shoes!

  3. Stacey

    You’re living room really does look great. Email me sneak peeks. ;)

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