It’s the Sewing that Got Small!

Have you guys ever seen Sunset Boulevard?  You know that scene where she’s lying in bed after slashing her wrists and the writer gives her a kiss and she wraps her bandaged arms around him, her well-manicured hands in these dramatic, silent-movie-style claws?

norma desmond handsYes well, I’m rocking a bit of the ol’ Norma Desmond these days.  I had a run-in with the garment steamer on Friday and ended up with scalding hot water dumped all over my forearm.  It was my own dumb mistake and did require a trip to the ER, but I’m all patched up and back to work.  And did you know?  There is a magic cream they give you now that makes the pain go almost entirely away.  So I feel like normal, for the most part.  Except I look slightly cooler.  And I drove myself to the hospital and didn’t cry even once, so I’m pretty much a badass.  I’m hoping whatshername will write me a song called “She’s Got Norma Desmond Hands.”

So that was exciting.  And then I had bridal appointments all weekend. I have so much fun with you sweet, adorable brides.  How can you all be SO ADORABLE?!  I don’t even understand how it’s possible – it must be all of the lovestruck googly eyes.  And some of you lucky ladies found your dresses which always makes me so happy.  You can’t possibly know how exciting it is for me to be there for that – it’s so awesome.  I love you guys.


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  1. Mel

    I’m glad you are okay and were a big girl, no tears. LOL Also glad that magic cream worked so well, you’ve got to protect those arms and hands, you have too much work to do. LOL

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