Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

Hey dudes – sorry for the light posting this week.  It’s been a little crazy.  Today we’re getting everything packed up and shipped off for the trunk show next week (!!) so I’ll be a little nuts and, frankly, boring.  Look!  BOXES!  Wah wah.  But I do have this super awesome thing to show you:

veronica sheaffer dave ouano

Look. At. That.  Holy smokes, you guys, I can’t get over how gorgeous the Trellis looks floating through the air.  I can’t believe I’ve never jumped up and down in this dress.  It looks like a flower!  And yeah, if you haven’t already made your appointment at Unbridaled  in Austin to see this thing in person, you best get a move on.  Just saying.  Right, though?  I mean come on.  It would look so pretty on you.  And I want to see you jump around in your wedding photos.

The image is from a recent shoot by Chicago photographer Dave Ouano and he sent a long this little peek.  So gorgeous.  I’m just dying to see the rest of them!

[Credits Photographer: Dave Ouano; Model: Nicole Guerin, BMG Models; Makeup: Loni Hale; Hair: Jen Bean; Wardrobe Stylist: Lora Michael; Florist: Southport Blooms]



6 Responses to Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

  1. Lovely!! Love the pic!! Still want that internship any thought yet? Smile

  2. Your dresses are truly gorgeous. You can see how much of you goes into each one. When my day finally comes I will definitely be thinking of a Sheaffer original.

  3. So amazing! I hope your trunk show goes better than you ever imagined!!!!

  4. I wish I was in TX and could go to your trunk show!! Come to Los Angeles, pretty please?

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