Rodarte Genius

Hey dudes.  ’Sup?  So I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do for my Fall ’12 show in April.  I’d like to do something a bit moodier than what I’ve done in the past, something unexpected, and all I can think about are the Rodarte exhibits.

Rodarte LACMA Fra Angelico collection

Rodarte Fra Angelico LACMA exhibit

This right here?  That’s THE TOPS, you guys.  I can’t even wrap my brain around it all.  It’s so gorgeous that I’m just … done.  These are images from the Rodarte: Fra Angelico collection on display at the LACMA, and they so completely rocked it, I’m practically speechless.  And of course their States of Matter exhibit at the MOCA, with their Black Swan costumes, also killed.

rodarte states of matter black swan white swan

P.S. The tutus twirled.  !!!  Stunning.  The Mulleavy sisters got it goin’ on.

[Images: via LACMA and Autumn de Wilde for MOCA]

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2 Responses to Rodarte Genius

  1. Oh my GOD, that’s fucking gorgeous. And can I tell you that I got my hot little hands on a crown-like vintage wedding piece (circa 1930′s) and am remaking it RIGHT NOW. Stunning exhibit, thanks so much for sharing.

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