Petite Horse Place Cards

You guys.  This is freaking me out, I love it so much.  This awesome lady used chalkboard horses as wedding place cards.

chalkboard wedding place card horse equestrian modern witty

chalkboard wedding place card horse equestrian modern witty indie

!!!  Can you get over this?  I. CAN. NOT.  This is the coolest thing ever.  Heather, who pens Home Modern, collected and sprayed toy horses for each of her wedding guests – and gives you a step-by-step here.  For sure, that’s a lot of horses and can get a little pricey – if you’ve got a lot of guests, I highly recommend ordering these wholesale if you can.  But even one large horse at each table would be so seriously cool.  I love this project so much, I want to hug this girl so bad.  And there are lots of other really awesome projects on her blog – you should go check it out.  She’s talking about making a Moroccan wedding blanket and I’m dying to see what she comes up with.  Hopefully she’s not like me, and announces she’s working on something and then never finds the time to finish it.  Ehem.

[Images by James Moes]

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10 responses to “Petite Horse Place Cards

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  2. hsjarj

    that is just so cool i am bitish and its just so cool i love horses\

  3. if you are looking for the origin of chalkboard horses, check out this etsy shop- it started here:

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