An Update and Halloween Costumes

Hey dudes . . . so . . . long time no see, right?  I suck.  And I’m sort of sorry about it and sort of not, because ohmigod have I needed a break.  I worked myself straight into complete exhaustion and then got sick and then as further punishment was given a 10-day antibiotic just full of side-effects (of which, I have ALL OF THEM).  I’m pretty much miserable all of the time.  AND our internet keeps shutting off sporadically throughout the day.  So, yeah.  I’m trying to give myself a break.  But I have still managed to fit in some fun stuff this week.

I installed some artwork using brass chains and the picture rail in the living room, which I’ve never done before, and it looks SO AWESOME.  I’ve almost finished painting the frame and legs of our sectional sofa, which goes off to be reupholstered very soon (!!).  Yesterday I designed my own fabric and had it printed at Spoonflower (I hope it looks as amazing in person as it does on the screen) and I ordered new fabric for the living and dining room drapes.  AND I finally got around to planning everything for our Halloween party tomorrow night.  So I guess I haven’t been a complete loser this week.

Oh wait, did someone say HALLOWEEN?!

PW and Dottie - Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

Now I have to glue a bunch of rhinestones to my aqua-blue spandex jumpsuit and somehow make a motorcycle out of cardboard.  Yeah, for real, this is happening.  Pictures of all of the above coming soon!

[Image from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure]

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  1. I demand to see pictures.

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