My First Painting

Well, these days following Market have been strange for me.  You know I can’t stand ignoring my work, but lately I’ve been perfectly content decorating our apartment and watching five episodes of Damages in a row, while the work piles up.  I’m tired.  And these dang antibiotics aren’t helping AT ALL.  I’m exhausted all day with bursts of energy at 2am.  And who sends out work emails at 2am?  People will think I’m nuts.  And it’s hard writing emails while watching Damages, yo.  So anyway, if you’re waiting on something from me, I promise it’s on my list and I will get it done this week.  I just need a couple more days to regroup.  And decorate the apartment.

Speaking of which . . .

Our living room is shaping up CRAZY AWESOME.  I’m gonna feel like a dang millionaire in here when it’s finished.  I’m so not kidding.  I’ve decided to go full-out with lots of color and patterns and brass accents.  I don’t know exactly how to describe it – I’m thinking the NY penthouse of a rich old lady who’s gone color blind, or something.  I’m EXCITED.  And the ultimate touch would be a giant abstract painting above the sofa in lots of greens.  I first contacted this blogger who recently started painting and is doing some awesome stuff, but it’s just not in our budget after getting the sofa reupholstered.  So, I thought . . . what the hell?  I’ll give it a whirl myself.

veronica sheaffer painting

Haha!  Well, there you go.  My first painting.  I’m not a prodigy or whatever, but I like it.  What I like most is the possibility – I mean, I think I might be able to do something I really like someday.  And it’s so much FUN.  I’ve got the bug and now I have to somehow fit this into my schedule as well, but it’s totally worth it.  This is the one thing I can do entirely for myself (and Keith – he has to look at the damn thing), and it never has to be recreated (like gowns and wedding projects), and it can be flawed and stupid and no one will care.  This one is small – only 10 x 10 – but I’m going to keep practicing until I work my way up to the 30 x 60″ painting for the wall.  So exciting!

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