Announcing Spring 2012 Collection

So . . . if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter or get the email updates, this is old news for you, but for all of you who prefer a good old-fashioned article, here’s my official blog announcement!

Veronica Sheaffer Spring 12 Bridal Trellis Dress

Oh I’m sorry, did I just break your heart to pieces?  Can you get over this amazing image by Billy Rood and that gorgeous model Danielle Maddox?  I. CAN. NOT.  And the dress ain’t chopped liver either, am I right?

Veronica Sheaffer Spring 2012 Collection tea length wedding dress organza

Can you stand it?  TOO. CUTE.  And here’s some more, since I seriously cannot narrow this down to just a couple – I’m tempted to make one mammoth post – there should be billboards of these amazing images!

Veronica Sheaffer spring 2012 collection silk voile gown Hyacinth

Veronica Sheaffer spring 2012 collection tea length weddng dress Iris

Can you believe this is where my family watches tv?  Please be sure to check out the entire collection on my website - I’m super proud and excited to show you everything!  In the coming weeks, I’ll be featuring the pieces individually here with a little background and more info about each one, because there’s a lot going on that you just can’t see in pictures, and even some stuff that you don’t know until you get your hands on them.  Speaking of which . . .

I’m sure you’re all curious about my sales at Market and where you can go to try these on in your neck of the woods, and the truth is . . . nowhere yet.  I’ve got quite a few boutiques who are very interested, but it’s hard taking a chance on a new designer in this crummy economy.  These gowns are an investment for store-owners and they need to know their stock will sell.  From where I stand, I am THRILLED.  There are boutiques I’ve had my eye on for quite some time who I think I’ll be working with in the future, but I know that’s no good for you brides out there now.  So, in the meantime, you can always come to me in Chicago, but I also recommend contacting your local boutiques and telling them you want to see the Veronica Sheaffer line in their stores.  Even if they don’t have the budget for a new line, trunk shows are always a possibility, and if they know there are brides looking for this stuff (like I do – I email with you all of the time!), they’re very likely to set something up.  I’m working hard to get these out to you, I promise, but I know if we all work together it will happen very soon! xo

P.S. Southern Weddings Magazine included me in their Market recap today!

[Images by Billy Rood]



6 Responses to Announcing Spring 2012 Collection

  1. Congratulations lady!!! Can’t wait to see all the pretties. And FYI, I’m going to be in the next issue of Premiere Bride mag!!!

  2. Amie

    Congrats! Beautiful work! Out of the wonderful pieces, trellis is my fave. I love to see independent designers making a go of it.

  3. Lisa

    I know if I had seen your designs in the bridal shops I looked at, I would have LOVED trying on dresses! I didn’t see a single dress I liked as-is at any store, or online, until I saw yours :0)

  4. RebeccaNYC

    almost worth getting married again! love the asymmetrical hems and the floppy bow on the last one! so so cute.

  5. Stacey

    Dee, amazing. Your vision is really growing. I don’t know anything about any of this, I plead “Midwestern Housewife” as I always do, But, this is incredible. I LOVE it. I checked out all the pictures on your website. It’s so cliche but I just have to label it “mature.” Your vision has grown and taken on even greater body than last year. And I’m so blown away that this collection is so different from last season. You MUST be exhausted. This stuff doesn’t just make itself. I LOVE these dresses. So much. I want to divorce Seannie and marry him again so I can wear one. In your mom’s family room. I’ll still play 500 miles. It works in that setting, too, Ha. SALAD SHOOTER!!!!

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