NY Bridal Week: Recap 2

Okay so I apologize for not getting the new collection online yesterday, but I promise I had a good excuse.  First, the program was giving me trouble, then I ended up in the E.R.  What?!  For real.  I got some sort of bacterial infection in my belly and it wasn’t exactly how I imagined my first day back home, but what can you do?  I got a CT scan though, which was super fun, aside from having to drink a million gallons of that Barium chalk gag-fest.  Anyway, everything is fine now, just a little belly aching, and I’m back in business.  I may even get a tutorial newsletter out soon.  I know.  Finally, right?

So let’s get back to Market!  First of all, I have to show you my amazing model, Anna Rothfuss . . .

veronica sheaffer anna rothfuss ny bridal market

Who, as you can see, is cute as a button.  And not only that, she’s incredibly articulate and kind and inviting AND she worked her butt off for me, so I will forever love her.  Kim and I were both blown away by her (and relieved she wasn’t a weirdo – that’s a lot of time to spend with a weirdo).  Anyway, she’s LOVELY and the dresses fit her like a glove.  Which is a good thing, because there are pictures of her everywhere!

Beginning with WeddingDresses.com . . .

Veronica Sheaffer weddingdresses.com

. . . who did a little feature on me.  Doesn’t she look incredible?!  And yes, there are two new gowns pictured here!  I’m working really hard at getting the photo shoot up and online so you can see the full collection.  But, my belly does kinda hurt, so please bear with me. xoxo



3 Responses to NY Bridal Week: Recap 2

  1. Robyn Chamberlain

    Vernonica! This is all so exciting! I lurve that short dress…Ooo La La!

  2. Wow!! Bacterial Infection, glad you are okay. The booth looked amazing and the model is LOVELY! :)

  3. Susan

    Sorry to hear you were under the weather . . . hopefully better. Your dresses are incredibly beautiful . . . you are a talented lady . . .

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