NY Bridal Week: Recap 1

And . . . I’m BACK!  Wow, goodness, really – SO MUCH to talk about.  I seriously have no idea where to start or what sort of order I should put this all in.  My brain is so fried that I’m just going to start by showing you pictures of the booth and that sort of thing and interject other random things as I go.  Good?  I hope so.  Here we go!

So first of all, my friend Kim came along to help me set up and run the booth AND she drove from Chicago to NYC with me in my little Honda CR-V, which was completely CRAMMED with stuff.  Thank goodness she was there too, because there is no way I could have slept in a rest stop parking lot all by myself (scary), or maintained any sort of sanity throughout the event without her there to hold my hand.  Kim, you are the best, and I love you.  So about our trip – we encountered all sorts of annoying things on our way into town (like INTENSE fog and an over-turned semi) which made the drive five hours longer than it should have been, getting us into NY too late to unload the car.  Do you know how terrifying it is to leave that sort of stuff in a NY parking garage overnight?  Think about it.  Fortunately everything was cool and we got to the booth bright and early the next morning to set up.  And ohmigoodness, is this not the prettiest little booth you ever did see?

veronica sheaffer ny bridal market 2011

veronica sheaffer ny bridal market oct 2011

I really loved it, and it worked so well with my aesthetic and the overall theme of the collections.  So this is how we made it happen . . .

First, the painted backdrop.  You may recognize those branches from other pics I’ve posted on the blog, and that’s ’cause they extend over two walls in our bedroom.  My sweet and talented dad painted those when we first moved into our apartment and did me a HUGE favor by painting a 20 x 8ft canvas for my booth as well.  Not only that, he even treated this enormous thing with flame-retardant spray days before we packed everything up, so I wouldn’t get in trouble with the Fire Marshal.  World’s Greatest Dad, am I right?  Pictures don’t do it justice – it was GORGEOUS in the booth.

On the side walls I used the Colette fabric by Swirly Girls Design.  This fabric breaks my heart all over the place.  Can you believe I was originally planning a grey, geometric-patterned booth?  BORING. I’m so glad I veered completely off track.  Of course I plan to use this in our apartment as well.  And you have to see the shelving unit Keith and I made for the accessories . . .

veronica sheaffer oct 2011 ny bridal market booth

. . . out of table legs I bought at Home Depot.  Yeah.  I’ll post a tutorial for you someday.  But first we should talk about dresses.  Yeah, duh, there’s a new collection I haven’t shown any of you yet!  I’ll launch it on the website later today.  If you’re signed up for email updates, you’ll . . . get an email update.  If not, shouldn’t you sign up?  I mean, I think it’s time we took our relationship to the next level, don’t you?

More awesome stuff coming soon – like when I met the ladies of Style Me Pretty and Bridal Guide Magazine and Southern Weddings and oh yeah Martha Stewart Weddings (and then they invited me to a party).  xoxo

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  1. How exciting and glamorous Veronica. Sounds like a fabulous adventure. Reading this in my cute little wedding gown shop in Oxfordshire England. Can’t wait for the next installment x

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