It Doesn’t Get Eddie Vedder Than This*

So, let’s talk about how amazing everything is, shall we?  As you know, the photo shoot was on Friday.  Holy WHAT Ohmigod BLEAH!  That was me throwing up from complete happiness overload.  Seriously.  Dudes.  DUDES.  DUDES!!  How did I get to be the luckiest a$$hole in the world?  Let’s do a rundown . . .

1. Billy Rood (who also photographed the fall collection) broke my heart all over the place.  It’s official.  It’s completely broken.  My heart aches for these photos.  I’m going to squeeze you to death, Billy Rood, and your assistants Eric and Arianna (sp?).  All three of you.  Death by squeezing.

2. Danielle Maddox, model extraordinaire, is too pretty for words.  It is official and done, I have sealed the envelope, she is the prettiest and sweetest and the most AMAZING model.  I thought of her while I was designing this collection and I was SO RIGHT – she was perfect in every single look.

3. Krystyn and Samara, the ladies of Bridal Beauty Chicago, I don’t even know what to say to you two.  How did you get to be so talented and AWESOME?  And why are you so dang nice to me?  I hope it lasts forever because I LOVE YOU.  *ehem* And these ladies do bridal hair and makeup, p.s – call them now!

4. There is a house in Sandwich, IL (my hometown).  Ohmigod, this house.  It’s amazing.  And the guy who owns it was super nice and allowed a bunch of strange city types to traipse all over his porch and yard for the shoot.  Yeah.  I’m so dang lucky.

5. My parents also have an amazing house in Sandwich and they are beyond nice to me.  I’m luckiest of all to have them there to take care of me.  And also because they have this room in their house:

I grabbed that from Billy’s tumblr.  Yeah.  This is gonna be major.

*I totally stole that title from my friend Majel (who was also my hair stylist until she moved to CA).  She says “Eddie Vedder” instead of “any better” and it makes me laugh and laugh . . .



2 Responses to It Doesn’t Get Eddie Vedder Than This*

  1. Death by squeezing is totally okay with me! Thanks for your hospitality during the shoot — I had a great time assisting Billy and petting your sweet Beatles puppies!

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