To-Do List and Stuff

Hey darlings.  As you know, the shoot is on Friday, so I’ve got three days to get everything completed and ready for photos.  I’m in solid shape, but still, of course, very down to the wire.  Two dresses are finished and I’ve got three more that only need hems.  Of course, these are bridal gowns, so there are multiple layers per each.  Please hope with me that everything goes smoothly today.  I desperately need clean underwear and there’s never any time to drive to the laundromat.  I REALLY want to make it to the laundromat today.  I also kinda want to do one more accessory, but whatever – that would be a pure bonus, and I’m not counting on it.  Anyway, I gotta get out of here and get to work, so, I dunno.  Here, look at this stuff:

veronica sheaffer bridal gown hems

Pretty, lace-trimmed hems . . .

veronica sheaffer chiffon lace flower wedding hair comb

Sweetest little hair comb for Lisa . . .

to do list

My to-do list.  UGH.

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  1. LOL, you sound like me. I have to make a headband tonight AND RESTRAIN MYSELF from making any new accesory pieces, things just keep popping into my head! Keep up the good work, everything looks beautiful.

    From one bridal designer to another
    Dani <3

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