Spring ’12 Production

Yesterday was a complete wash of a day.  Ho. Hum.  I got some work done, but not nearly enough – I just couldn’t seem to focus completely.  Like, I’m sitting there, needle in hand, STARING at a very simple task and all I can think about is what might be fun to watch on t.v.  But this morning is off to a pretty good start – I cleaned out the pantry, did some internet work, and now I’m about to finish up the third dress in my collection.  Oh!  By the way, I tried on all three dresses yesterday and OHMIGOD.  Dudes.  They are awesome.  It’s so unfair that I can’t show you anything until after Market.  I wish you could all come over or something, ’cause so far this collection is full-on breaking my heart.

So now that the dresses are solidly underway, and I’ve got fifteen days until the photo shoot (yikes), it’s time to start designing and creating the accessories.  I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I’m doing, but I never know for sure until I start putting it all together.  One thing I definitely know is that there will be a fair amount of this . . .

. . . but probably not in the way you’d expect it.  CUTE.

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