Tutorial Newsletter Sneak Peek: Ribbon Bow Bracelet

I’ve got another little tutorial for you cutie faces!  Remember when I was planning our wedding and I really wanted to wear a ribbon tied around my wrist?  I kinda regret not doing that.  I thought it would be too much stuff going on, but now I totally wish I had done it.  It’s such a simple, dainty accessory and so feminine.  Perfect for a wedding outfit.  The only drag is that you can’t tie a ribbon around your own dang wrist and you also don’t want it coming loose, because again, you would need two hands to tighten it.  It’s better to make a pre-assembled bracelet, dontchya think?

make a ribbon bow bracelet diy tutorial

The tutorial for this sweet little thing will be arriving in your mailbox later today, but only if you’ve signed up for the newsletter.  If not, you better hurry up and get on the gravy train, yo!

Tutorial Newsletter

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