Embellishing a J.Crew Wedding Dress for Lisa

So we made it home alive from our Vegas trip.  I choose not to elaborate.  Not because we raged the whole time, but because we were all pretty boring, and there’s not much to tell.  Oh but I did wear my bathing suit and was of course the only person (aside from the one 60+ woman at the pool) wearing a one-piece.   That’s right.  I’m a rebel.

Anyway . . . now I’m back to work with my latest bride, sweetie-pie Lisa.  She chose a dress from J.Crew for her October wedding this year.  It looks absolutely stunning on her, but needs some slight alterations to the fit and could use a little something extra.

jcrew dress before custom embellishment

P.S. It doesn’t fit this dress form, so it looks a little wonky here, but it’s lovely on Lisa.  Anyway, she likes it, but it’s not breaking her heart or anything, so she’s asked for some delicate embellishments to personalize it a bit.  She ordered additional fabric from J.Crew, which is like the smartest thing ever when ordering an off-the-rack gown, because you can do anything with it.  She also brought me her mom’s wedding gown and asked that I use some of the lace trimming and add it to her own.  SO SWEET.  We’re going to do something similar to this . . .

jcrew wedding dress with custom embellishment

. . . only way better.  With two straps and crinkled chiffon flowers with tiny lace embroidered centers.  No one will ever know it’s J.Crew!

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  1. Wow, never considered J Crew would let me order extra fabric… regular wedding gowns sure…but this is great info! Love how she made the dress her own!

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