Living Room Makeover: New Stuff

Wow, so first, thank you SO MUCH for all of the sweet comments about my bathing suit here and on Facebook!  You make it that much easier to post pictures of myself in a dang bathing suit on the internet.   And now let me tell you about these exciting things!

Let’s start with the couch.  I’ve been searching for fabric for a month.  A MONTH.  And the day before yesterday, I received yet another batch of samples in the mail.  And just like every batch before, I hated them all.  But then when I started putting them away, I touched one of them again and ohmigod softest thing ever.  And then I stared at it a bit, and walked it over to the couch, and showed it to Keith (he liked it), looked at the price ($12.95) and thought “hey wait, I think this is our fabric!”  Especially at that price.  We need 30 muther flippin’ yards for this couch (remember, it’s massive) and that adds up FAST.  So anyway, I go to buy the fabric and it won’t let me, and so I start to freak out and refresh the page and OHMIGOD it went on sale for $7 yard at that very moment!  Um, I saved $200!  It was obviously meant to be.  Here, let me show you a picture:

fabric 1960s sectional couch reupholstery

That’s just a strip of black felt to show what the piping will look like – I’m not actually using stupid felt on the couch.  So yeah.  I really like this fabric.  It’s very neutral, which isn’t really my thing, but there’s no doubt it’s going to be versatile.  And it’s not beige, it’s creamier than that.  It is to me anyway, shut up.  And the texture is in keeping with the period of the piece (1960s).   I’m excited.  Moving on . . . to this coffee table . . .

glass brass coffee table

. . . which I got on Craigslist for $40.  *high five* The glass is all scratched up, but I don’t care, because I hate glass coffee tables.  I like brass ones though.  Too bad those things always go together.  But they don’t have to, and that’s why Keith just cut an oval out of some 3/4″ plywood and I’m gonna do something like this to it:

 tufted coffee table ottoman tutorial

P.S. there’s a tutorial for that over on Five Days – Five Ways.  Won’t that be so cute?  And before I go, you have to see the amazing lamps I got at a local thrift store.

brass lamps drum shade vintage

Why is the same image side-by-side?  Because I got two of them!  And they are GIGANTIC.  Isn’t all of this stuff so perfect for our Hollywood Regency/English Regency living room?  I’m freaking out, yo.

OHMIGOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Right before I hit “publish” I got an email.  Fabric sold out.  I want to cry.

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