Housewarming Party Projects: Paint Chip Garland

This weekend is pretty major, in case you didn’t know.  Keith turns 40 tomorrow – woo hoo! – and I’m taking him away for a romantic weekend of camping.  Not GLAMPING, actual camping (well, car camping), which is not usually on the top of my romance list, but he loves it, and glamping is very expensive apparently (I checked).  But I do think being out away from everything with my sweet husband, cooking fancy dishes by campfire and hiding out in the car together during a midnight thunderstorm (as predicted) sounds fun, and I’m super excited to get on the road.  But before I do, here’s the final project in our Housewarming/paint chip tutorial week – rather fitting for a 40th-birthday celebration, no?

diy tutorial cheap garland paint chip wedding party decor

Look at this adorable stuff!  I mean, that’s CUTE!  The color variation, the shapes, the preppiness of the white borders?  I LOVE IT.  Makes me wish we were having a party so I could decorate every surface of our apartment in these.  And the project is so satisfying – running paint chips through a sewing machine for some free garland is completely addictive and so easy.

Paint chips – 4 for each strand
Rotary cutter (or scissors)
Sewing machine
Small hole punch (if desired)
Fishing line (if desired)

Using the ruler as your guide, cut a paint chip into three equal strips, perpendicular to the color swatches, with your rotary cutter.  Separate each strip by color (keeping the white borders); you will have 12 squares per paint chip.  Repeat with the other paint chips.  Separate your squares by color if you’d like a gradient effect, and using a medium-length stitch, feed them one-by-one into the sewing machine, leaving a small space between each.  Be sure to stitch close to the top edge – I used the presser foot as my guide.  You want the white edges on the sides, so be aware of that as you feed the squares through.  You can hang with the thread at the ends, or for more stability, punch a small hole at each end and string with fishing line.

Party on!!

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5 responses to “Housewarming Party Projects: Paint Chip Garland

  1. Moon

    Thief! These aint provided for your crafty projects, girly. Thanks for helping drive up the cost of paints!

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