Housewarming Party Projects: Paint Chip Napkin Holder Place Cards

So as you know, this is the week of paint chip tutorials and we think they’re perfect for a housewarming party – you can coordinate colors with the decor of your new home, and obviously they fit right in with the theme.  But wouldn’t they be kind of awesome for any party?  I searched all over the place for card stock that perfectly matched our wedding color scheme, when I could have just gone to the dang hardware store and grabbed a stack of paint chips.  This project in particular would be adorable for a mod wedding.  Can’t you see these adorable things running down an all-white table?

paint chip place card napkin holder easy tutorial diy cheap wedding housewarming mod

I mean, that’s just too cute.  I also think it would be crazy awesome to make a bunch of these with birch flatware tucked inside, gathered in a galvanized bucket for a casual, backyard party.  Right?  Love it.  I also love how stupid-easy these are to make.  Do you own a computer and printer?  Can you cut slits in a piece of paper?  You’re done!  Want more detailed instructions?

– Computer
– Ink jet printer
– Paint chip
– Small utility knife
– Ruler
– Napkin

Using any basic computer program (Word, Powerpoint, etc), set up a page size of 5.063 x 6″ and type your guest’s name in the center, using a font you love.  Print directly onto the paint chip, being sure to use an inkjet printer (laserjet will not work, unfortunately).  Cut two slits into the paint chip, about 3/4″ from each edge and about 1/4″ from the top and bottom of your guest’s name.  Slide a napkin through the slits.

So easy and so FAST.   You could have, like, five million people coming to your party and make your place cards in an hour.  Seriously.  And everyone will be talking about your genius resourcefulness.  Thanks, Justin, for the awesome idea!

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11 responses to “Housewarming Party Projects: Paint Chip Napkin Holder Place Cards

  1. I’ve been trying, but mine don’t look like that. I have an inkjet printer, but becasue of the satin finish on the paint chips the ink beads and doesn’t dry. Did you do something else?

    • vsheaffer

      Oh that’s a bummer! I had that problem with the laserjet, but my inkjet was okay. Maybe it’s the paint chips?

  2. another awesome! having guests over this weekend…I could SO do this…I like the toss ‘em in a bucket idea.

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