Housewarming Party Projects: Paint Chip Invitation

Thank you so much for being so supportive and sweet yesterday.  I couldn’t wish for a better group of friends!  And to show just how much I love you, the rest of the week will be all tutorials.  Woo hoo!  It’s been awhile, right?  And we’ve also got a couple of themes going . . . the first is Housewarming Party, and the second is . . . Free (or close to it).  How awesome is that?  We’ve used paint chips for all of these tutorials (I know, I know, paint chip projects are everywhere, but ours are cute, so shut up); go politely slip a small stack into your purse (don’t take ALL of them) and let’s get to it!  First up on the list . . . the invitation:

paint chip swatch moving housewarming party invitation cheap colorful invitation invite

Is this not the cutest thing ever?  Justin and I pulled inspiration from this adorable change-of-address announcement and made a few modifications.  Check out the backside!

paint chip invitation invite announcement housewarming new home colorful cheap

Let me tell you, this is EASY STUFF.  If you can wield an small utility knife and slap on some rubber cement, you are in business.  Here we go . . .

– Paint chips (2 for each invite)
– Card stock
– Small utility knife, X-Acto for instance (or a razor blade if you’re tough)
– Ruler
– Scissors
– Rubber Cement
– Computer

Begin by designing your insert cards – any basic computer program will work (i.e. Word, Powerpoint, etc).  The front piece of ours is 4.5 x 3.75″ with 1.25″ of blank space in the middle and our back pieces are 4.75 x 1″ each with 3/8″ of blank space at the ends.  Print your insert cards onto a sheet of card stock and cut them out with scissors.  On the paint chip you plan to use as the front of your card, make two cuts width-wise using a small utility knife, about 7/8″ apart from one another and 5/8″ from the outside edges.  Slide the front insert card into the cuts you’ve just made.  Moving onto the back paint chip, cut 4 slits down the length of one side, about 1″ long and 3/8″ from the edge, centered within each color strip.  Repeat on the opposite side.  Slide the party information strips into the cuts you’ve just made.  Brush the wrong side of your front paint chip with rubber cement, center the wrong side of your back paint chip on top and press together.

See?  I told you it was easy.  And it only gets easier from here!  These projects are so simple, but really striking and fun – be sure to stop back in throughout the week to check out all of them.  But be forewarned, you’ll prolly want to move now.  Just sayin’.


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11 responses to “Housewarming Party Projects: Paint Chip Invitation

  1. Those are rad! Thanks for mention too!

  2. HEYO! Yet another fab idea! And people just love anything with paint chips … I did a housewarming invitation using paint colors a few years ago, but it was fussier and not nearly as fun as this. Wish I had thought of it! And that napkin ring too…what a smarty pants!

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  4. Stephanie B.

    Love this idea!

  5. m

    Picked up the same paint chips because I am moving!!!! Love this so much and I had my daughter pick any colors that she liked. Thanks for the awesome idea. I love the garland idea for the food stations. Thanks again.

  6. Vanessa

    This is such a genius idea! Found your blog through Pinterest and you have some amazing stuff! Keep up the great work!!!!

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  8. Shantel

    Adorable! So what did you mail them in?!

  9. kristi

    Did you make envelopes?

  10. After I originally left a comment I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments
    are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I receive 4
    emails with the same comment. Is there a way you are able to remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

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