Woven Flower Crowns

I can’t stop thinking about vacation and how much I want to be on it again.  Two weeks off can be a serious shock to your system.  All I want to do is sit around.  I have bursts of frantic energy that are immediately followed by naps and marathon Real Housewives sessions.  It’s bad.  I’m trying to allow myself to ease back into my old schedule, but dang, this is getting serious.  Thank goodness I didn’t go brain dead when I was actually on this vacation and had the foresight to snap some photos of the crowns I threw together up in the mountains (otherwise I’d have nothing to show you today but a crumpled up bag of potato chips and some empty wine glasses).

floral flower woven crown bridal natural head piece

Isn’t that so pretty?  I found a huge patch of those lovely purple flowers and grabbed a handful, along with a few stems of Queen Anne’s Lace.  The purple flowers (I have no idea what they’re called) also have really pretty fern-like leaves, so I left them in there for a more natural, over-grown look.  You can also be more structured and do something like this:

pine woven crown bridal natural head piece fall winter bride statement

Which is insane.  And amazing.  I think that’s from a fir tree.  Right?  I honestly have no idea, but I found a branch that had fallen and the smaller branches were flexible enough to weave into a crown.  So awesome.  I shouldn’t have to point out how gorgeous either of these would be over a delicate, lace veil.  I mean, seriously.  For an outdoor wedding?  With a flowy, gauzy dress?  Please.  Keep an eye out, because there’s a tutorial coming your way!

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2 responses to “Woven Flower Crowns

  1. Katja

    love those! especially the one with the purple flowers. When I was doing the two little centerpieces for our civil wedding ceremony I found those too (at least I think they are the same, North American and European fauna might have some differences ;)) and loved them. I just found out today that they might be some wild relatives to sweet peas (or the more general term ‘Wicke’ in German, just google it). And then I decided I wanna have a bouquet full of just blue or purple sweet peas for the big wedding in August.
    I guess what I wanna say with all these ramblings: what a coindence that I stumbled across this flower just today! And: I love those flower crowns!

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