Justin goes shoe shopping…for brides.


I post this with a disclaimer.  Shoes are, first and foremost, tools.  They preserve our feet from damage from the scary dangerous Earth—although gravel’s got nothing on a five inch stiletto.  As such, even in such finery as this, utility is the name of the game.  If you can’t wear, stand, and/or walk in the shoe for at least a few hours, you needn’t buy the shoe.

I shopped for wedding shoes.  For hours.  I hit some of the major trends that I’ve been seeing that I thought were well-interpreted for wedding.  The perennial favorite – bows – is obviously here.  Also included, laser cut pattern, menswear influence, and ivory (an awesome color for weddings).

  1. These shoes are fun and colorful, without being kitschy (or expensive).  They remind me of June Cleaver and Kente cloth. (Is that the first time that sentence has ever been written?)
  2. As the Spanish would say, “No way, José.”  If you buy and wear these for your wedding, I will attend said wedding and “speak now.”  I will not “forever hold my peace.”  You have been warned.
  3. I love this moss green peeptoe laceup from J. Crew.  I feel like it makes a bold, elegant statement while following the prevalent menswear-inspired trend.
  4. Cute. Flat. Lace. Find them here.
  5. Laser cut is trendy and all the cool kids are doing it, but the classic shape and conservative color make this a perfect and creative wedding shoe.
  6. This. Just. Ugh. Die.
  7. I mean…Valentino. And a bow. Postscript: There are so many options for this shoe.  Like this and this.
  8. I really loved a lot of the shoes from this line.  Classic shape. Modern print.  Pour la victoire, indeed.
  9. These shoes are amazing.  Super sexy. Super classy.  Jimmy Choo is clearly magic.
  10. I just like these.  They look like the shoe the 1970′s would buy today.  If decades were people.  Who had money.  And knew how to use the internet.  And needed a nice muted platform.
  11. Something gold, something nude.  Am I right?
  12. This is the perfect shoe for anything. Ever.

Finally, Veronica has said she’d like to do a giveaway to everyone who comments and buy them all new shoes…wait…no, just kidding, she wishes she could meet everyone and schmooze…my bad.

Peace and Love,


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