Vacation Shorts

Ohmigoodness, it is 1pm!  Already!  Ugh, my friends.  UGH.  The morning completely got away from me because I worked out, which was great, but then everything got pushed back.  AND I have been frantically trying to finish this project, so that I could share it with you today.  I don’t know why I thought it would only take me an hour.  It took more like two . . . two and a half?  I don’t even know.  It took twice as long as I planned, and after looking at the pictures, I don’t think it’s completely finished yet, but here it is anyway . . . Shorts.

white high waist knit shorts pockets

I am not actually sunburned, by the way – I don’t know why it looks like I am anything other than transparent.  But whatever, anyway, the shorts.  Okay there are a couple of problems here – a) the fabric is puckering a bit beneath the pockets, and b) the zipper is pulling in the back.  Both are completely easy things to fix, so I’m not stressing.   Oh and I also have to press the hems.  But aside from these minor issues, I freaking LOVE THESE SHORTS.  They feature all of my favorite things – high waist, stand-away pockets (which will be more pronounced after I fix the puckering issue), nice wearable length, and they’re s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y.  I used a really pretty double knit jersey, which is perfect for our long roadtrip vacation this summer – comfy to wear in the car, non-wrinkly and cute.  As soon as I fix the weirdo issues, I’m totally making these in a dark grey knit as well.

Now that I stare at these pictures, I’m think I’m going to make the legs a tad shorter in front.  Lengthen the ol’ pins a bit.  Yeah.  That’s the ticket.  Shorts.

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