Wedding Color Inspiration: Chocolate Brown

Erin, one of my good friends from high school, is getting married to the sweetest guy (seriously, this dude is the REAL DEAL) and I have the very great honor of making her gown.  So. EXCITED.  We had a little chat last night about her wedding plans and her ideal look and fun stuff like that.  I was throwing words around and she focused in on “sweet” and “sentimental”, which is why I love her.  If you ask me, that’s what weddings are all about.  Anyway, she mentioned a couple of things – pussy willows and chocolate brown – and I offered to put together a couple of color boards just for fun.  ‘Cause that’s the kind of friend I am . . . pushy and annoying.  And this is what I pulled together . . .

Option A:

wedding brown, beige, yellow, gray, blue, white, seersucker, pussy willow, rustic, preppy

[Sources, left to right: invitations, bouquet, yellow dresstable setting, pussy willows, macaroons, bunting, keys, brown dress, suit]

Option B:

wedding brown grey yellow beige coral poms burlap save the date succulents pussy willow[Sources, left to right: poms, cake stand, runner, grey dress, brown dress, coral dress, save the date, pussy willows, bouquet]

Option C:

wedding brown gray grey white rose jade lace rustic succulents, linen

[Sources, left to right: cake, suit, treats (unknown), pussy willows, bridesmaid dress, headband, bouquet, birch vases, bunting, poms]

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  1. Trish

    Beautiful!! Where’s “Option E: Love ‘em all!”

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