Another Makeover: The Workroom

Hey dudes!  Okay first, sorry about yesterday – Justin and I were busy sending out an exciting announcement and the day got away from me.  Speaking of which . . . if you didn’t get the announcement, it’s because I didn’t have your email address.  So sad.  I know you’re just dying to join my mailing list, and so here you go – fill out this form to get in on this amazingness.  Do it!  *high five*

Moving on . . . I’ve done this project once before – remember I thought I made my workroom sooo efficient?  Yeah, turns out I hate working in there.  In the winter it’s too cold and in the summer it’s too hot and . . . it cannot even begin to fit my behemoth cutting mat.  And so it’s become a dumping ground – a room I despise with my entire heart and soul – and today Justin and I will begin the vomit-inducing task of cleaning it out.

a dump this is a dump

Do you SEE this?!  I don’t even understand this.  How does this happen??  Actually, I can tell you exactly how I created this mess – by desperately wanting my actual workspace in the dining room to be tidy (it isn’t, by the way) and just hurriedly throwing crap into a room where I can shut the door.  Oh yeah and the light bulb burned out, so when it’s dark, I am literally throwing sh*t into this room.  I can’t even believe I’m posting pictures and showing the entire world my shame (the entire WORLD reads this blog – isn’t that amazing?).

Anyway, the plan is this: get rid of half of the L-shaped desk, because that computer is only used for scanning things and doesn’t need to be the focal point of the room; move all of my fabric out of the closet, because I can’t see a freaking thing in there; organize all of my crafting stuff once and for all; and then create an entire wall of rack space for patterns and gowns and such.  Oh yeah, and this is still a guest room as well.  Actually, now that I think of it, it’s perfect for guests just the way it is, so never mind.  Problem: solved.

worst work room ever

No. Not really.



3 Responses to Another Makeover: The Workroom

  1. Dude. I feel your pain. Get ye to cleanin’ woman! :)

  2. Katja

    My aunt who is a seamstress too has her working space in their very big house’s cellar. Which from time to time gets flooded by ground-water (someone did something terribly wrong when building this house in the 80s) – which means she has to clean everything out, save everything from the water and curse the entire house once in a while. So I think your work place looks pretty good actually ;)

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