Martha’s Wedding Shrug: Complete!

Justin and I have a big day ahead of us!  First, we’ll stop in at the Fabric and Trim show at the Merchandise Mart and see if we can’t find some awesome lace suppliers.  Then we’ll . . . do something I can’t tell you about just yet.  Sorry, dudes.  I’m actually not looking forward to it AT ALL, but it is for a much greater project that will a) be very cool, and b) make me very happy.  It will have no great effect on Justin’s life, but he’s fun to have around so I’m making him do it with me.  And I will of course tell you all about it as soon as possible.  In the meantime . . . Ohmigod, Martha’s shrug!

veronica sheaffer custom bridal wedding shrug bolero jacket linen pleated

veronica sheaffer custom bridal wedding shrug bolero jacket linen pleated

You guys!  It’s sooooo awesome.  I delivered it to Martha last night and she tried it on with her dress.  Dudes.  FORGET IT.  She looks amazing in this!  It follows the line of the dress just so and it’s perfectly flattering.  I’m really, really happy with it.  And it was so fun to stitch together too – the shoulders are free and the sleeves are attached underneath to a silk organza lining, which keeps the jacket lightweight and also really crisp.  The pleating was stitched by hand and mimics the gathered sash around the waistline of her dress.  It’s perfect, I love it – thank you so much, Martha, for asking me to make it.  I can’t wait to see her wearing the entire ensemble at her wedding on Saturday and I will for sure share pictures with you as soon as I get my hands on them!


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2 Responses to Martha’s Wedding Shrug: Complete!

  1. beautiful!!
    can’t wait to see the full ensemble in person!

  2. I loveeee it!! Looked beautiful with the dress!!

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