Meet the Intern: Justin!

Ohmigoodness, you guys, I have a TREAT today.  First, let’s discuss how I am the luckiest woman on Earth.  1) I was super over-worked and needed an intern but was too over-worked to look for an intern.  2) I posted a half-a$$ed call out for interns, never expecting to hear from anyone – I was mostly just whining.  3) I get an email from someone who wants to be my intern and I talk to him on the phone and he is sweet and normal and willing to travel from MISSISSIPPI (!!!!) to do it.  5) And then this adorable thing arrives on my doorstep yesterday morning:

my adorable intern justin

His name is Justin and he is the sweetest.  He is not a giant, by the way, that’s just a very tiny computer.  So, seriously, aren’t I the luckiest?  Did I mention that he’s here all summer just for ME?!  What was he thinking?  I have a feeling he wasn’t daydreaming about sitting in my messy dining room in the squeaky chair, looking at bridal blogs for six hours.  But he did it with a smile on his face, occasionally mumbling something in Spanish (he’s majoring in Marketing and Spanish at Mississippi State University – interning for me was an obvious choice, duh) and telling me about his cross-stitched bird collection.  Or something.  He’s awesome and I’m so happy he’s here and you will definitely get to know him over the coming months.  He’s pushing me to do some more DIY stuff, so you can thank him for that, and I will be forcing him to make paper flowers.  It will be fun.  Welcome, Justin!

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  1. Hi there! A friend of mine linked your blog to me (I’m getting married in April and am currently obsessed with wedding blogs) and I was browsing through and was like OMG! I went to Mississippi State, too! I majored in Spanish and Public Relations. I wonder if Justin has ever had a class with Dr. Harland, yet? Justin, if you see this comment, tell him Rachel P. said she misses his cowboy hats and leather chokers.

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