Sun Porch Makeover – Part One: The Mess

So . . . I totally hate our sun porch. Why?  Because I’ve probably spent about a collective  six hours over the last three years “decorating” the space.  It currently looks like this:

sun porch needs a makeover

*SHRIEK* As you can see, it is a relative dumping ground.  I buy stupid things (like that bird cage I will someday paint) and then I don’t know what to do with them, so I throw them on the porch.  I did not buy that “orange tree” by the way – it came with the apartment.  Anyway, despite the haphazard mess, there are some things that I do kinda like – the white painted brick for instance.  That’s cute.  And the toboggan we turned into a shelf – I think it’s kind of hilarious.  And the “wrought iron” futon we got on Craigslist – it has potential.  And the bentwood chairs (we have so many that some are hanging on the walls) – those are awesome.  So I’m starting from a solid place, I just need to DO something with it all and get rid of a bunch of crap.  I figure we need some kind of theme.  We’ve got some kitschy stuff – like those pillows and the toboggan shelf and some giant ashtrays.  I like those things and I want to keep them.  However, when we’re sitting on the futon, we’re looking at this:

sun porch makeover

Which looks very farm-housey to me.  And we’ve got that rustic-looking table there in the corner.  So I guess we’re going with Farmhouse Kitsch?  That sounds so dumb.  How about 1950s vacation farm house?  That sounds a little better.  I guess.  I dunno.  Whatever.  I don’t want it to look like a time-capsule or anything – I just want it to be cohesive and comfy (and for someone to get rid of all of the bees).  First, I think I’ll do some painting, because the walls are GRODY.  I’ll just use the leftover paint from the dining room and . . .

sun porch makeover

Oh look, how cute!  And then I think I’ll move the bigger table in front of the futon, so we can eat and play games out there and then I’ll add some more throw pillows and maybe stack all of the empty flower pots on the shelf there and then how about I . . .

sun porch makeover

. . . paint this rug!  For real I think I’m going to paint it.  It bores me to tears – I hate beige – bleah.  If I had a house with a basement or a driveway or something, I would totally tie dye it – no kidding – but I don’t have that kind of space, so I think paint is the best option.  OR I could paint a design with fabric dye and then spray it with BLEACH!  Oh yeah, that’s totally awesome.  Hopefully I can manage some sort of ikat look, which will fit in with the theme and help update the space.  Fun, right?  Oh man, please everyone, cross your fingers that I can make my sun porch dreams come true.  I know I have a lot of work to do, but I really want to do the porch . . .


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9 Responses to Sun Porch Makeover – Part One: The Mess

  1. um that shelf is adorable and I am going to steal your bentwood chair.

  2. Cat

    I have a basement and a driveway. You can come over and tie dye your rug at my house if you like. Just sayin’.

  3. I’m too busy wondering where I can find a toboggan in Arizona to turn into a shelf to notice the beige rug…

  4. This SO reminds me of my Oak Park sun room that I made over. It was brown and gross and I painted the whole thing a pale yellow and added all sorts of kitschy things that didn’t work in my house. It wasn’t as big as yours, but I had a giant PapaSan chair in it that was most excellent for book-reading Saturdays!

  5. Yo, that’s great! I really love the look of it! Remains me about my parents’ house and afternoot tea and cake… Great taste you have! Thanks for showing all your talents to us!

  6. I love it just the way it is!

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