At Long Last

The fabric has arrived!  Unfortunately yesterday was such a doozy that all I could do was stare at it longingly from the couch where I lay incapacitated.  Someone wasn’t feeling well.  And it was my belly.  Fortunately I’m well enough today to go to a lunch meeting and hopefully eat something other than crackers and gummy bears.  Not that you care about that, like, at ALL.  Anyway . . . I’m impatiently waiting to get started on my poolside ensemble, because the fabric is nothing less than DIVINE.

Right?!  Look at how fancy!  That looks goooood.  And expensive.  And, I mean, I guess it kind of was – it’s all silk and that stuff isn’t cheap, even at wholesale prices.  Especially silk jersey (yeesh).  This will be the most expensive suit and cover-up I’ve ever bought, let alone made, but I think it’s worth it.  The style should last me a good, long time and if I do it right, it could be the most flattering thing ever.  It could also be an expensive, colossal disaster, so I’ll be making a dummy first just to be on the safe-side.  The cover-up I should be able to do on the first go, but that fabric was also a bit pricey, so we’ll see.  I have no idea when I will actually be able to do any of this crap, but the Vegas trip is in August, and I am determined to wear this outfit there.  With a turban and a big rhinestone bracelet and sky-high wedges.  And a fake tan.  I’m gonna be so fancy, yo.

Oh P.S. there was a request for the fabric store I used when I was shopping for the cover-up.  I ordered the jersey from one of my wholesale suppliers, and the zebra print georgette is from Thai Silks.  Prepare to lose the rest of your life looking through their prints.  They are INSANE.


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2 Responses to At Long Last

  1. They look so soft and silky! I’d wear what ever you made out of that fabric all the time….even if it was just a blanket.

  2. *jaw drops* I am in love with with the coral silk!eeeeeeeckk!That’s a jersey,too?Maybe I can dye fabric that color… *swoons* lol.
    I can’t wait to see this!This is seriously going to be the best bathing suit I’ve ever seen.

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