What’s Happening Now!

Ohmigod I have become so indecisive, you guys.  The absolute second I published that post about the cover-up yesterday, I completely changed my plans.  For the same reason I cannot wear a full-length caftan, I also cannot cover myself in a giant red print.  Um, DUH.  So instead, I’m using the zebra print as the base, coral and white as trim and . . . it will open in front.  I’ll widen the neckline and braid the coral and white fabrics into a sash.  It will be awesome and WAY more flattering.  Too bad I just have to sit here and wait for all of this glorious fabric to arrive.  I’m also waiting for the beautiful linen fabric I ordered for Martha’s shrug.  I hate. Waiting. For fabric.  And what am I doing in the meantime?

Finances.  Um, yay?  It actually wasn’t the horrible experience I was anticipating.  Of course I bypassed Quickbooks altogether.  Did I buy like a SUPER complicated version of that or something?  Why is it so hard?  Nothing make sense to me in that program.  I am a self-taught everything and the only thing I’ve been able to figure out in Quickbooks is that I need someone else to do it for me.  Oh and did you know that when you own a business, you have to file taxes QUARTERLY?  What kind of horrible world do we live in?

I do, thank goodness, have some awesome stuff going on as well.  Like . . . a spur-of-the-moment photo shoot!  I mean seriously, I hate the pictures I took of the accessories, (LAME!  *SNORE*  GAG) and I so desperately wanted something better.  So I started snooping around and found some pretty amazing people who are willing to come over to my house tomorrow morning and get the job done right.  Like, check this out:

nancy reyes sarah uchison yvonne szumski borderline productions

The images on the left were taken by the photographer Nancy Reyes.  Don’t those look so heartbreakingly romantic and flirty and just all around gorgeous?  So perfect.  And you may recognize the model on the right, Yvonne Szumski, from the Bridal Beauty Chicago pics.  Seriously?  This is pretty much exactly what I want to look like everyday.  She’s gorgeous.  I can’t wait to work with these ladies and show you the fancy stuff we come up with together!

And what else?  Um . . . just mending, sewing, sketching ideas for Spring ’12, planning my booth for New York International Bridal Week in October (!), and oh . . . I don’t know . . . interns?!!  More on that later!

[Left Image: Photographer - Nancy Reyes; Model - Sarah Uchison / Right Image: Photographer - BorderLine Productions; Model - Yvonne Szumski]

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