Accessories Shop Now OPEN!

Big news today!  I just launched the new online store like three minutes ago.  Please go take a look and let me know what you think – I’ve been maybe going a little crazy over it.  Oh AND . . .

veronica sheaffer free shipping

FREE SHIPPING!*  So yeah, that’s pretty rad, right?  Oh and *ehem* that could possibly be me modeling the stuff (not in the picture above, obviously – those are actual, fancy models, of course).  Anyway, spare me the eye rolls (mine have rolled plenty over all of this) – my original plan wasn’t working and so I did this out of desperation.  Please be kind.  Oh and please also don’t tell me that the model is lame (which actually happened to us at Coco Irene the last time I modeled stuff – true story!).  Anyway, about the shop . . .

All of the accessories that were on display at the launch party are now available for sale.  AND a couple of them can even be customized to perfectly complement your wedding theme.  Pretty awesome, right?  Go get shopping!

*Free shipping applies to all orders within the United States.

[Image by Billy Rood]

UPDATE:  Um, I have since taken down the password gate.  Sorry about that!  It’s “OPEN” for real now.



7 Responses to Accessories Shop Now OPEN!

  1. anh

    it’s asking for a password :(

  2. susan

    Hey I tried to look at the store but it’s asking for a password…

  3. vsheaffer

    ACK! I’m a dummy – try it again! All fixed now . . .

  4. R.C.

    Very nice!! It is very easy to see everything. The model wearing the head pieces is absoluetly gorgeous!! Congratulations, everything is beautiful!!!

  5. Love the belts! Would love to feature them on my blog, is it ok to use your photos? TY!

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