Chicago Food Truck Summit

UGH.  I am so disappointed right now.  You know that I enter like every contest on Earth and never win anything and that I made it a goal to win a contest this year (as if that’s a reasonable goal).  And then I did win!  A $50 gift card from New York Magazine.  And it was a THRILL.  And then it arrived last night.  Okay, in this day and age, when you just vaguely refer to a $50 gift card I assume it’s one of those handy Amex cards that you can use anywhere.  I mean, they exist so wouldn’t you clarify if that was not the case?  Apparently not everyone is as smart and considerate as us, because I searched high and low for an awesome dress to wear to an event next Tuesday and was just about to pay with my gift card when it realized it’s for ITUNES.  All caps and italics, because I am p*ssed.  This is completely useless to me.  I love music and everything, but I do not own an ipod – in fact, I don’t even like them (whatever, don’t get me started) – and I need a dress right now.

heather shouse food trucksBecause . . . one of my closest friends (she was in our wedding – she wore this belt!) is the incredible Heather Shouse who has written the book Food Trucks: Dispatches and Recipes from the Best Kitchens on Wheels and she’s put together an amazing event to celebrate the release.  So exciting!  I should get a new dress just for the occasion!  Oh wait.  Anyway, back to Heather – she traveled all over the states last year, visiting the best food trucks in the country and mapping them out and pulling recipes and taking awesome pictures, and . . . ohmigod you guys I am SO PROUD of her.  And the book is INCREDIBLE.  Because I am friends with this fancy person, I got a little sneak peek – trust me, you want this book.  You know what else you want?  The freaking Goose Island beer that she brewed herself (you should really follow that link, by the way, her story is hilarious).  You can get the book and the beer and some awesome treats from the best food trucks in Chicago at her book release party next Tuesday.  The details:

Date:  Tuesday, April 19th
Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Place: Goose Island Brewpub – parking lot for food; bar for books and beer
Why:  DUH.

And I’ll be there of course.  In some tired, old dress I’ve worn before.  Please come out and celebrate with us and track me down – we’ll have a beer together!



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5 Responses to Chicago Food Truck Summit

  1. Jane Sheaffer

    sorry the gift card is useless to you, but maybe you can give it to someone you love who does use Itunes. You did however win the card, so maybe you’ll win more, and it does count as a win. I love seeing all these events and clothes. Do you do estate sales? Lots of vintage there – elderly ladies such as myself are selling most of what they’ve accumulated and downsizing or their chlidren are – and we’re talking 50′s and 60′s fashions here, the good stuff that’s been hanging in the back of the closet for years.. you could remake an outfit a week….Love you

  2. michelle gregg

    you can sell the i tunes card on ebay, for probably close to 50. just a thought.

  3. Shirley

    If you need a dress, you can just search by your city on and find all the dress stores you could ever need. Just saying.

    • vsheaffer

      Oh Shirley, I have no problem finding dresses I like – the problem is usually finding dresses I can afford. And you know, at places that accept itunes gift cards as payment. Haha! But thanks for the tip!

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