All Custom and Stuff

I took the blogging day off yesterday – hope you don’t mind.  I wanted to make sure everything was perfect for Monica’s fitting last night and I also just needed a day, you know?  A day of focused work and then a fun, three-hour hair appointment.  Both were very successful – first, my hair is awesome, thank you so much, Virginia!  And second,  ohmigoodness, you guys!  Monica is going to look so beautiful in her dress.  I actually got a little emotional.  I’m probably the only weirdo who gets choked-up looking at an inside-out semi-dress pinned onto someone, but I can see just how amazing this is going to look on her, and I am EXCITED.  I’m also super excited to have just gotten a request to remake Katie’s garden party wedding dress for Blair, a sweet bride in Hawaii!

1950s style garden party wedding dress yellow green cummerbund halter

Blair fell in love with the photos from Katie’s wedding and couldn’t stop thinking about this dress.  And even though she lives so far away and can’t make it to Chicago for fittings . . . I just have to make this for her.  If a bride thinks about a dress for months and nothing else will do, well then it’s just gotta happen and that’s all there is to say about that.  Katie gave her blessing, and Blair and I are both thrilled!  AND now I’m preparing for even more excitement, because my friend Martha is coming over tonight to discuss shrug options for her beautiful B H L D N wedding gown.

eyelet medley sheath bhldn

PRETTY.  By the way, why the hell didn’t Anthropologie just call this line BEHOLDEN?  It’s way more complicated to type out their weird vowel-less version and I get confused with the capitals and the spaces.  I think it’s dumb.  There, I said it.  This gown, however, is decidedly not dumb, it is FANTASTIC and so perfect for the bride.  Martha is the stylish and talented photographer behind Bike Fancy, a blog about . . . fancy people on bikes!  It’s adorable.  And the sweetie-pie took Keith and my engagement photos for the super-low price of FREE, so now I finally get to repay her with a chic accessory for her wedding.  We’re talking shrugs.  I’m talking this:

antique lace

Lots of fun stuff brewing!


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5 Responses to All Custom and Stuff

  1. Jane Sheaffer

    Love the shrug – that sort of thing is great here, where it’s hot in the day and cool at night. Where are you getting your material? The shrug and the batwing dress (you owe us a picture in the finished product don’t you) both look like vintage to me.

  2. Can’t wait for tonight either! Love what you’ve got already.

  3. And… totally agree with the Beholden thing, I’m mean REALLY. It took me about 100 times to get it right.

  4. Oh, I feel stupid. I never thought that it was supposed to be Beholden. I would just curse under my breath every time I tried to remember the letters. Thank you for that. Maybe now I’ll remember!

    And that material is DELICIOUS.

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