Featured on TwentyThirtyForty!

This is so exciting, you guys!  TwentyThirtyForty featured me yesterday on their blog and they said the NICEST THINGS.  Please go check it out – it’s awesome.  And then do yourself a favor and take some time to peruse their shop – you will want to buy everything.  AND you have to see this shot from their Spring 2011 look book:


First: Gorgeous; Second: Look at that backdrop!!  Wouldn’t that be the COOLEST ceremony backdrop for your modern/vintage/reclaimed-objects wedding?  I love it.  And they said it only took a few minutes to put together (which is exactly what you want when you’ve got like an hour to bring in and set up all of your decorations in a rented space).  It looks like fabric and/or drop cloths just nailed into the wall – which, okay maybe you can’t do that in a rented space, unless it’s like a loft or something.  But you could totally do that in a barn.  And then you would win all around.  BIG TIME.

Speaking of shops . . . I am still frantically working away, trying to get mine launched.  It doesn’t help that I keep redoing everything over . . . and over . . . and over.  I still haven’t moved on from the pictures.  I’m completely going nuts over here, and I still have A LOT to do.  Somebody come over here and STOP ME!

[Image by Erika Dufour via TwentyThirtyForty]

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  1. Arlene

    What an awesome love fest! ;)
    Happy you liked the write-up, it was easy…your dresses are gorgeous and I just dig all your DIY!
    Enjoy your weekend!

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