Wanna Hang Out . . . And Work?

Okay dudes, if you’re a student in Chicago and would like to intern with me, or you’re independently wealthy and have no need for additional funds and feel like hanging out, please call me like NOW.  I need you. Duties would include maintaining my online shop (coming soon!  coming even sooner if you call me!), basic sewing and keeping your mouth shut about how messy the apartment gets when I’m working.  With me, you will learn all about the fascinating world of apparel manufacturing – I will pay you with my limited knowledge and lots of hugs.

So about the shop, I worked on that a ton this weekend – it’s taking me FOREVER to get it up and running, but it’s looking really, really cool.  I’m getting very excited.  Here’s a little sneak peek:

veronica sheaffer velvet posy belt

That’s the Velvet Posy Belt – it can be tied in back or wrapped around your waist twice and tied in front (as shown here).  I’m a huge fan of wearing flowers pinned at the waist – so feminine and old fashioned – and that was the inspiration for this.  And it could totally be worn again to fancy up a summer cocktail dress, no?  I definitely plan to make one for myself.  I’ll be selling all of the accessories from the fall collection online now and each piece will be custom-made, so you can make slight adjustments to better suit you.  Pretty exciting, I’ll say.  And the sooner I get an intern, the sooner all of this goes live, so please tell all of your friends!  xo



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4 Responses to Wanna Hang Out . . . And Work?

  1. Hello Veronica!
    Came across your line & blog {via My Little Apartment} just surfing over the weekend. Love what you’re doing! SO…just had to post about you on our blog today….twentythirtyforty.net/blog. On a side note….we’ve also worked with Billy Rood and also shot an editorial at Raffaelo Hotel {they’re good friends of ours :) }. I guess fabulous minds think a like ;) !
    Very best,
    Arlene Matthews

  2. Katja

    beautiful belt. very delicate and a statement at the same time!

  3. If I lived in, near and/or around Chicago (closer than 4hrs anyway) I’d be e-mailing you right now! I hope you find someone though. I can’t imagine all the work you’ve doing lately. That belt looks amazing, by the way!

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