Monica’s Custom Wedding Gown

veronica sheaffer custom wedding gownI stayed up way too late last night messing with the blog again.  But this time I think it was a rather successful session of beating my head against the table, trying to translate CSS, because I finally figured out how to change the things I hated most with my “theme” – like the page width and those stupid bullet points next to my links.  Ta da!  And I have a really great idea for my banner image too, but at some point you just have to call it a day, no?  And I obviously have more pressing things on my list, like . . . Monica’s gown!

Remember this? Poor Monica, she must think I’ve completely abandoned her.  But I have not!  In fact, this was the very first thought in my head when the alarm went off this morning and it is absolutely my focus now.  I cannot WAIT to start stitching those adorable lace flowers all over this thing.  Speaking of which, you have to see the lace Monica chose for her gown – so gorgeous.

lace choices

I love the varying weaves and how delicate everything looks.  Beautiful.  So of course we won’t use these in the shapes they’re in now – I’ll clip out each flower and leaf and sew them on individually, layering and leaving some petals free to give it an organic, fluttering effect.  All over that beautiful, gathered silk satin?  Shut up.  Too awesome.

[Lace and lace images via Touch of Lace]

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  1. It’s going to be so beautiful…the lace is so pretty!

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