Bridal Beauty Chicago . . . and Me!

So if you stopped by over the weekend, you may have seen some really strange things happening.  I was giving this ol’ gal a bit of a face lift and ohmigoodness it was a PROCESS.  I hope you like it!  I plan to do more, but you know, I’ve got some other things going on at the moment.  Oh and I worked on another, far more exciting project as well – and I finished that one!  I’ll be telling you all about it very soon.  In the meantime . . . DANG!

bridal beauty chicago hair makeup on location

Do you recognize that gown?  It’s my wedding dress!  It’s kinda funny seeing it on another person, right?  I loaned it out for a photo shoot recently – along with this lacy frock:

bridal beauty chicago wedding hair makeup veronica sheaffer gowns

The shoot was for Bridal Beauty Chicago, an on-location hair and makeup team who obviously do beautiful work.  I mean, LOOK AT THIS:

bridal beauty chicago wedding makeup hair on location

I am dying.  This is killing me.  The hair and the makeup are both SO GOOD.  I want to look like this everyday.  (By the way, isn’t that dress cute?  It’s not mine, so don’t tell me it’s your favorite.  Oh well yes you can, ’cause I like it a lot.  If I’m able to find out who makes it, I will definitely let you know.)  Anyway, about the hair and makeup – I love everything about it.  If you’re looking for a super sweet duo to swoop in and make you and your maids look freaking awesome on your wedding day, then you should DEFINITELY call these girls.  Samara does the hair; Krystyn does the makeup, and ohmigod they’re doing both for my upcoming photo shoot.  LUCKY ME!

[Images by Devron Enarson]


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