I Want to Wear This Cake

I know it’s been all over the internet, but still.  Look at this freaking CAKE!

chanel inspired wedding cake pink black white roses pearls flowers

chanel wedding cake grey black white pink pearls

That is all.

No, no it’s not.  I mean, that is just WOW.  I wouldn’t even want to eat this cake.  It’s too pretty.  Which I guess defeats the purpose of a cake – may as well just decorate some cardboard boxes and serve petit fours instead.  Actually YES.  That is exactly what you should all do.  And then send me a few of those petit fours, because I’ve really been craving them, like for days, for some weirdo reason.  Anyway, the cake is inspired by Chanel and it’s like obviously inspired by Chanel, but not too obvious, you know?  What a bunch of geniuses.  They did an entire inspiration shoot around the Chanel theme – go check it out, if you know what’s good for you (and your eyeballs).

[Cake by: A Wish and a Whisk; Image by D.Park Photography via Style Unveiled]



2 Responses to I Want to Wear This Cake

  1. This is amazing! <3 I love it!

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