A Wedding Dress for Solange

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys this story, but about a million years ago when I was still planning the wedding, a very special reader popped up.  She started emailing me about her own wedding plans and get this – her engagement was a secret, and aside from her fiance, I was THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD she could talk to about it.  Isn’t that crazy??  And ohmigod, she picked ME!  And then, this gets weirder, turns out she lives in Lisbon AND that’s where Keith and I honeymooned.  So we got to meet up for a double date and um this woman is gorgeous and so is her future husband.  So anyway, her engagement is no longer a secret – the entire family is super excited -  and I’ve even met her sweet bridal party on Facebook!  I love this story.  Okay so Solange, that’s her name by the way, emailed me recently about her dress.  Her close friend’s mom is making it for her, but she just couldn’t decide on a design.  So I thought I’d give it a go the other day and I emailed her a few sketches.

1950s tea length wedding dress organza jacket grace kellyStrapless sweetheart bodice in silk satin with organza and chiffon skirt and an organza jacket with satin ribbon accents and buttons. Satin belt optional.

1950s style tea length wedding dress boat neck low backTwo-tone dress using matte and glossy satin (shaded areas in sketch represent glossy satin).  The contrast is enhanced by glossy satin piping.  High boat neck in front with low V in back.

1950s style wiggle dress wedding tulle skirtSweetheart “wiggle” dress in silk satin, brocade or lace with chiffon yoke.  The skirt front is made in two pieces – the top piece is then box-pleated and hangs free over a skirt of tulle in back.

She chose one of these and made some slight adjustments and I’m not telling which one!  You’ll just have to wait and see. *wink*  I just can’t get over that I’m helping someone on the other side of the world with her wedding gown.  I feel super proud to be a part of this sweetie pie’s wedding and I’m insisting that we get pictures, Solange!

Don’t forget to order your tickets to the LAUNCH PARTY!  Space is limited and tickets are selling fast!



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4 Responses to A Wedding Dress for Solange

  1. Oh, How cool! I love your sketches. I’ve dabbled at designing my own clothes but my sketches always end up looking like madly skewed hieroglyphics rather than people.

  2. I love them all, but the second one is my favorite :)

    On another note, I made a Joan dress for Halloween last year…a wiggle dress…which makes no sense because you can barely move in the thing!

  3. can’t wait to be able to send you the pictures. oh… i CAN wait, ’cause there is SO MUCH to do! ;) )
    I’m, of course, in total and utter love with the dress and so grateful, because you made it all fall into place!

    thank you so so so so so much again…

    oh, and everyone is crazy about your designs on this side of the ocean.
    maybe one day you can think of franchising over here eheh
    everyone from the bridal party is offering to give you a hand! ;)

  4. Beautiful designs! I know which one I would pick. :D

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