Please Attend My LAUNCH PARTY!

Hey there.  You’re pretty cute – I like the way you did your hair today.  Hey so, wanna get together some time?  Like how about on Monday, April 4th?  I’ll make sure you get an endless supply of fancy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres (well for a couple of hours anyway).  Oh and if you’re interested I’ll show you MY BRIDAL GOWNS!


This party is going to be SO AWESOME.  The entire collection of gowns, veils and belts will be on display and I would sincerely love nothing more than to share this evening with you.  Tickets are only $15 (at the Drawing Room – dudes, this is a STEAL!) and you can purchase them through my website.  The space is very limited, and I hope you’ll order your tickets today before they’re all gone, because I want to give you a giant hug for all of your support.  I’m so excited about this and so humbled by all of your sweet comments about this collection.  I feel on the cusp of something huge (here’s hoping it doesn’t turn out to be a huge pile of debt).

p.s. That was my big announcement!



6 Responses to Please Attend My LAUNCH PARTY!

  1. Good for you! I would totally be there if I wasn’t stuck in the coldest freaking country in Europe… There’s nothing better than a room full of gorgeous fabric, gorgeous dresses, and tasty, tasty cocktails. It’s like you read my mind.

  2. Kathrine

    Congratulations! Wish we lived closer so I could attend. We will toast you from afar on April 4th.

  3. I got my ticket! The Drawing Room was a stop for my bachelorette party, it was so nice. I can’t wait to see your collection and finally meet you!

  4. Mom

    You are the cutest thing in the world – (don’t tell Austin). Dad and I of course are there! Can’t wait to see you, the dresses – and to get a day off!
    Love, Mom

  5. Dancy

    OMG – you’re gonna be so famous!!!

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