Swiss Dot Ball Gown Sneak Peek

This is seriously nothing more than a “peek”.  I mean, I have to keep this stuff pretty much under wraps, but I really wanted to show you a little something of what I’ve been doing lately.  Keep in mind, I’m still working – like, there’s no lining under those ruffles and stuff needs to be pressed and whatever, so please don’t judge.  Hopefully you’re just dying to see the rest, and if so, then stay tuned, my friends.  ‘Cause I’ve got a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT coming up very soon (a for real OHMIGOD THIS IS HAPPENING moment).

veronica sheaffer swiss dot chiffon bodice wedding gown

veronica sheaffer swiss dot ruffled ball gown wedding

p.s. Isn’t that fabric just dreamy?  It’s such a gorgeous silk too – it feels REALLY GOOD.  And I’m using about a million yards of it on this gown alone, so . . . yeah.  That’s awesome.


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6 Responses to Swiss Dot Ball Gown Sneak Peek

  1. The fabric is beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you have planned!

  2. oh yes.. the fabric is amazing! Lovely! i want something made with it! Still i’m sure it will be even more amazing to see what have you created with it!
    Greetings from Italy

  3. Haute Chooclate

    That is going to be gorgeous dress! I love the fabric :-)

  4. I followed you over here from The Thirty Something Bride and have been lurking for quite a while now as I watched the Grace Kelly dress come to life.

    The Swiss dot fabric, though, made me come out of the wood work. That fabric is so dreamy. Very excited to see the rest of the dress.

  5. Joanna

    I love me a swiss dot.. I love the double ruffles.. so very pretty.

  6. Solange

    yep, love the polka dots, love the amazing double layer of ruffles.
    looking beee-oooh-teee-foool :)

    is that silk shiny? it doesn’t show in the pictures and I love that! :)

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