Rit Dye Weekend

I finally got around to reading my January copy of Lucky and in it they suggest dying items you already own to “CHANGE YOUR WARDROBE”.  I’ve done this on occasion and thought it was definitely time for a change, so I grabbed some Rit dye and went to town.  I have a couple of cashmere sweaters that are really soft and warm, but they’re both dark brown and the color just doesn’t work for me very well.  It seemed like such a waste to have two cashmere sweaters abandoned in my closet, so I read a bit online about dying cashmere and decided to dye them navy.  Mmm so pretty.

Well . . . they didn’t take the dye AT ALL.  I even tried removing the brown color first, and that also did not work AT ALL.  What the huh?  Have you ever tried dying a sweater before?  OHMIGOD IT’S A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE YOU’LL BE RINSING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  I eventually quit, because I can only run water through two sweaters for so long before I start to hate myself and my entire life.  You know what did work though?  The two shirts I threw in just for fun.

rit dye navy ruffled shirt forever 21

This one I LOVE.  It used to be white – just something I bought at Forever 21 about a million years ago.  It was super cute in white, but there was some yellowing, and I didn’t enjoy wearing it anymore.  Now, NOW look at it!  The white thread adds so much and I think it looks kinda vintagy.  I can’t wait to wear it this summer.

navy rit dye pintucked tunic

This one I LIKE – I don’t love it.  It was also white and also yellowing and also wasn’t being worn.  I really wish it was a darker navy.  I left it in the dye bath for like a million years, but it still came out looking faded.  Maybe I’ll try it again with their “denim” blue color.  Or maybe I’ll remove the navy and go with a different color.  Or maybe I’ll be lazy and just leave it.  I really can’t decide.  It’s too small for the dress form here, but it still fits me well and could look cute buttoned higher with an orangy-red scarf.  We’ll see.

As for the sweaters . . . I haven’t given up on them.  Although I for sure am not going to try dying them again.  I’ve got some ideas for how to pretty them up though – I’ll let you know how it goes . . .

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5 responses to “Rit Dye Weekend

  1. Sarah

    I vote dye it again. Seriuosly, overdye FTW. Plus, I’m a total fan of using navy and then denim. So there’s that. =)

  2. Sarah

    And by “seriuosly” I, of course, meant seriously.

  3. bellecoeurwedding

    I agree – dye them again. But I’d use iDye by Jacquard. The colors come out so much better than the ubiquitous Rit. iDye is just as easy to use, but I think their colors are a lot more potent.

    As for the sweaters….maybe do some research or call the experts at Dharma Trading Co. http://www.dharmatrading.com/ They specialize in tie dye, but should be able to help with any textile dyeing needs. They’ve helped me out a lot for my projects, and they carry iDye, too.

  4. I have a white tank top that I bought last spring and LOVED. I wore it once and when the hubby washed it, the trim turned yellow. He claims to have NO idea how it happened. Uh-huh. But I never thought of dying it! Maybe I can save it afterall :)

  5. I love the color! Especially the top one with the white thread detail! Great idea but some how whenever I personally try to dye anything it NEVER turns out! But those are adorable!

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