Yeah That’s Not Gonna Happen

Sorry, dudes, but there’s just no way I’m going to be able to take pictures of the gown this morning.  I’ll just have to make sure someone gets a couple shots at the wedding.  I always feel like an idiot asking people to take pictures of me, but whatever, you all have spoken and I’m not getting away with some headless photos this time around.  I’m afraid you’re going to be seriously disappointed though – we fly in HOURS before the wedding.  And Keith will be whisked away to pick up his tux and do groomsman duties, so I don’t really anticipate having a relaxed primping session. Like, expect a ponytail.  Anyway . . . at least the dress is done, right?  And you’ll see the finished product on Monday. Toodleloo!

1940s woman combing hair

My hair will not look this good.

[Image via Glamour Daze]

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One Response to Yeah That’s Not Gonna Happen

  1. Joanna

    honestly, as the owner of one thick -and-sticks-up- in-unnatural-angles- head of hair – how the heck did they get their hair like that in the Glamor Daze?

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