White Knit Turban

So as you know, 2011 is the year of the turban.  At least as far as I’m concerned.  And whaddya know?  Last night Keith and I opened presents from his mom and there was a gleaming white turban made just for me!  My mother-in-law is obviously a genius.  And really good at making turbans.  Check it:

white knit yarn turban year of the turban

It’s soooo comfy.  Like I never want to take it off.  It is now my house turban and it will forever keep my head warm in this drafty apartment.  Thanks, Jeanne!

Writing this post has made me realize that if I’m going to be making turbans as often as I think I am, then I had better invest in a hat model or something.  You probably wouldn’t guess, since I’ve been putting my face all over this blog recently, but I feel like an a$$hole every single time I do it.  Hey, look at me, everyone!  I can’t get enough of myself!  As if a blog wasn’t narcissistic enough to begin with.  Look at all of this stuff I make!  Look at my new hair!  Look at how great my a$$ looks in these jeans!  Okay it really does look pretty good in them, I think.  But anyway, just so you know, it embarrasses me and I do it only for the purpose of displaying projects.  Like this wonderful turban.



3 Responses to White Knit Turban

  1. It’s so weird to see you as a brunette. As I think I’m all caught up on your blog now!

  2. It’s so weird to see you as a brunette. And I think I’m all caught up on your blog now!

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