Easy DIY Gift Wrap

My friend Heather mentioned recently that she was going to wrap all of her Christmas presents in brown paper and string this year.  I thought that was a brilliant idea because I hate buying wrapping paper and I happen to have an entire roll of  brown paper in the corner of our dining room.  I also have a full roll of string, because the florist who made Keith’s boutonniere for the wedding insisted I bring in my own string to wrap the stems.  I’m not kidding.  So anyway, Heather, I completely stole your idea.  But I did fancy it up a bit:

diy wrapping presents polka dot construction paper butcher paper hole punch

Aw, I like these.  And they were crazy easy to make – I just glued or taped little circles cut from construction paper into patterns.  I mean, obviously.  You have eyeballs, you can see that for yourself.  I used two hole punches – for one inch and one and a half inch circles.  I even made one for my sister-in-law’s little cat Claude:

diy gift wrap construction paper circles hole punch gift for cat

I also cut a couple of leaves to make sort of a holly berry look.  To make the leaf on the right, simply cut out the marquis leaf shape on the left and then cut little half circles out of the sides.

diy gift wrap construction paper hole punch holly leaf

So simple and really sweet and charming.  And even if you don’t have a giant roll of butcher paper in your dining room, this is still a very economical way to wrap some fancy presents.

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